Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fontina's Restaurant, Main Street

My favorite restaurant is Fontina's on Main Street, Pleasanton. We've been there a number of times and have had nothing but the best in food and service. I'm not a vegetarian, but I enjoy the fact Fontina's has a large variety of vegetarian meals. I've had soup and salad a number of times at Fontina's and that's always been delicious.

While you are waiting they bring bread and something to dip your bread in. It contains garlic and is awesome, but so far I have failed to to repeat it at home.

I can't remember having a dessert at Fontina's. Maybe because the meal is so filling that we decide not to order one. I think I should try one next time I go.

Eating at Fontina's is not cheap, so we usually try and eat there when the children are unable to come. They just don't appreciate fine dining like we do.

Fontina Ristorante
349 Main St # 150
Pleasanton, CA 94566-6664
(925) 462-9299


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